Soroban provides a mechanism to wrap a (classic) Stellar asset in a smart contract so that the token can be minted and transferred in Soroban. However, a lot of questions are arised...
Soroban offers a mechanism to wrap a (classic) Stellar asset within a smart contract enabling the token to be minted and exchanged within the Soroban framework. However, numerous questions have arisen...
  • How can developers issue tokens within Soroban or wrap an existing Stellar Classic Asset?
  • Do these two chains share the token balance for a specific address?
  • What occurs if the issuer mints tokens in Soroban subsequent to wrapping the asset?
  • Can the Smart Contract prevent Stellar Classic transactions involving the Stellar Asset?
  • Is it possible to impose specific logic during asset transfers?
  • How do we handle the native Stellar Lumens (XLM) token within Soroban?
We have developed a token playground to explain how Stellar assets can be managed from a Soroban smart contract. Please check our Playground's Chapters: