6 : Wrap a token from Stellar Classic to Soroban.

Token Playground Chapter 6 : Wrap a token from Stellar Classic to Soroban.

1. Introduction

In the previous chapters we have managed to issue a (classic) Stellar Assets in the (classic) Stellar blockchain. In this chapter we will wrap that Stellar Asset into a Stellar Asset Contract (SAC) token inside Soroban.

2. Setting up your soroban-cli

Before using the soroban-cli, we need to configure it by telling which account will be executing and signing the transactions. In order to do this, we will call the soroban config identity command and we will provide it with the account's private key.

Here we will suppose that our user is the token admin of the asset, so we will call it token-admin, but you can choose another name for this.

  1. Setup your .soroban/identity folder

First create the folder if it does not exist yet

mkdir -p ./soroban/identity

soroban-cli will read from here your identity. Inside this folder you'll need to create one file with .toml for every identity you want to have. If you want to have user-name-1, user-name-2 and user-name-3. Your .soroban/identity folder should have 3 files and should look like this


Where each user-name-X is a text file with the following structure:


In this Playground we have our secrets in the ./settings.json file, hence we will do:

TOKEN_ADMIN_SECRET=$(cat ./settings.json | jq -r '.issuerSecret' )
mkdir -p ".soroban/identity"
echo "secret_key = \"$TOKEN_ADMIN_SECRET\"" > ".soroban/identity/token-admin.toml"
  1. Configure your soroban-cli to use the token-admin identity Next, every time that we want to call soroban-cli using our token-admin identity, we should add into our args: --source token-admin

3. Wrap your Stellar Asset into Soroban

For this you'll need the full Stellar Asset identification read our chapter about Basic Concepts. The asset identification is built by:

  • The asset code (example: USDC)

  • The issuer address (example: GCUA5RTRR4N4ILSMORG3XFXJZB6KRG4QB22Z45BUNO5LIBCOYYPZ6TPZ)

In order to wrap an asset you'll need to use the soroban lab token wrap command as follows:

soroban lab token wrap --network standalone --source token-admin --asset "ASSET_CODE:ISSUER_ADDRESS"

where the token-admin source is the identity of the user that will sign the transaction. We will see in a further chapter that this source does not necessary needs to be the token admin itself. This command will return the address of the SAC smart contract that will manage the wrapped token.


This correspond to the contract address.

4. Save the contract address for further use!

The contract address of this Stellar Asset Contract that is wrapping your Stellar Asset is crucial in order to use the token inside Soroban, so be sure to save it in a safe place!

In order to do this, you can do:

TOKEN_ADDRESS=$(soroban lab token wrap $ARGS --asset "$ASSET_CODE:$ISSUER_ADDRESS")
echo "Token wrapped succesfully with TOKEN_ADDRESS: $TOKEN_ADDRESS"
echo -n "$TOKEN_ADDRESS" > .soroban/token_address

What happens if you did not saved the contract id? Don't worry, in Chapter 9 we will show how to recover the contract id of an already wrapped Stellar Asset.

Here, you'll find a fragmet of the code that includes all steps and exemplifies how to wrap a Stellar Asset:


ARGS="--network $NETWORK --source token-admin"
TOKEN_ID=$(soroban lab token wrap $ARGS --asset "$ASSET_CODE:$TOKEN_ADMIN_ADDRESS")
echo "Token wrapped succesfully with TOKEN_ID: $TOKEN_ID"

mkdir -p .soroban
echo -n "$TOKEN_ID" > .soroban/token_id

Another example, without the usage of source can be:

soroban lab token wrap --asset="AstroDollar:GAM5XOXRUWPMKENBGOEAKMLRQ4ENHLHDSU2L2J7TVJ34ZI7S6PHMYIGI" --secret-key SAHC723FQTC3MARBNUZLUFEIYI62VQDQH7FHLD2FGV6GROQQ7ULMHQGH --rpc-url https://horizon-futurenet.stellar.cash:443/soroban/rpc --network-passphrase 'Test SDF Future Network ; October 2022'

5. Use our code

If you want to use our code in the Token Playground's Repo, you can just call our script with the soroban-preview-10 docker containter

You can run it by:

docker exec soroban-preview-10 ./src/wrap.sh standalone using_docker

Check all the code of our wrap.sh script here


In the next two chapters we will mint tokens inside Soroban from an already wrapped Stellar Asset using its SAC's contract id. Are you ready?

This Playground has been developed by @esteblock in collaboration with @marcos74 from @Dogstarcoin

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