1: Introduction & Motivation.


Soroban, the Stellar smart contract platform, is currently under development, and its official launch is expected to be sometime in 2023.

Tokens in Soroban

Tokens are one of the most important applications on any smart contracts platform. In the case of Stellar, this is especially relevant because it already has a solution for tokens directly on the "Stellar Classic Blockchain" (The Stellar Assets / Classic Tokens), even before Soroban.

Soroban provides a mechanism to wrap a (classic) Stellar Asset in a smart contract so that the token can be minted and transferred in Soroban. However, a lot of questions are arised...

  • How can developers issue tokens in Soroban, or wrap an existing classic Stellar Asset?

  • Are this two chains sharing the token balance for an specific address?

  • Whan happens if the issuer mints tokens in Soroban after wrapping the asset?

  • Whan happens if the issuer mints tokens in Stellar Classic after wrapping the asset?

  • Can the Smart Contract prevent Stellar Classic transactions of the Stellar Asset?

  • Can we enforce to some logic to be applied when they are transferred?

  • Can we do the same if we create a token first in Soroban? Can we move it into Stellar Classic?

The Token Playground's Motivation

Our motivation is to explain through practice to developers coming to Soroban how Stellar Assets can coexist with smart contracts, how they can take advantage of Soroban, and what limitations could be presented.

We have developed this Soroban's Token Playground to explain how Stellar assets can be managed from a Soroban smart contract. For that, we have created a set of scripts that will show you in a practical way the main actions involved in token management:

  • Issue an Stellar Asset

  • Get info about an Stellar Asset (Asset Code, Issuer, Balance )

  • Wrap a Stellar Asset from Stellar to Soroban (token)

  • Mint wrapped token in Soroban

  • Get information from the wrapped token usins SAC contract

  • Get all contract id's from an asset issuer

  • Use all user balance inside Soroban (Classic & Soroban)

  • Call the token contract from another contract

How to follow this Token Playground

All the code explained in this guide can be found in the token's playground repo: https://github.com/esteblock/token-playground/. We will try to explain every line of code. If you find a mistake, or you want to collaborate, just open an Issue in the repo!

This Playgound has been developed by @esteblock in collaboration with @marcos74 from @Dogstarcoin

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